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Energize Your Business with Programmatic Advertising Solutions, Fuel Growth, and Expedite Success.



Your Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution

Bring Your Programmatic Needs Together Under One Roof.

An All-Inclusive Programmatic Platform, Delivering End-to-End Services with Automated Efficiency and Informative Dashboard Reporting.

Effortless Brand Customization: The Height of Personalization.

Elevate Your Brand to New Heights: Tailored Tech Stack and Reporting Templates Aligned Exclusively with Your Agency's Distinct Identity.

Your Tailored Solution: Crafted Especially
for You.

Unlock the Power of Precision Audience Targeting: Leveraging Demographics and Account-based Marketing.

Fueling Agency Success: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration.

Revitalize Agency Performance with SmartAiIR: Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Programmatic Solutions. Empower your agency to navigate the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape with our comprehensive suite of ad-buying solutions. Elevate your campaigns with our cutting-edge display, video, audio, and OTT offerings. Benefit from a dedicated team, seamless integration, and unparalleled support to optimize campaigns of all sizes.


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