Visual Storytelling (Videos)


AI-Driven Video Content Creation: Crafting, Optimizing, and Targeting Your Story for Maximum Influence


Enhance Your Video Strategy with AI-Driven Excellence: Collaborate with Us for Custom Content and Precision Delivery

By leveraging the capabilities of AI and ML, we supercharge the impact of your videos on a massive scale. We build a video strategy tailored to your unique content needs, whether it’s for social media, broadcasting, animation, or branded templates. Our dedicated team oversees every aspect, from crafting storyboards and producing videos to orchestrating distribution.

Furthermore, we excel in digital marketing and audience segmentation. Supported by data-driven research and analytics, we guarantee that your narrative undergoes rigorous testing, optimization, and precise delivery to the right audience at precisely the right moments.

Why choose SmartAIIR?

  • Built on Flexibility: No lengthy contracts to bind you. Our performance will captivate you.
  • Clear Pricing: No concealed charges. We advocate for transparent and uncomplicated cost structures.
  • Pay for Active Engagement: You only pay when your audience actively participates, optimizing your budget’s effectiveness.
  • Harnessing Programmatic Excellence: Our high-performing campaigns yield outstanding results, with an average cost per click as minimal as $0.47.
  • Efficiency that Matters: Enjoy an impressive CPM of $2-$3, surpassing industry norms of $5-$15 CPM.


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