Leveraging the capabilities of advanced artificial intelligence, SmartAIIR excels in enhancing programmatic digital marketing performance at every phase of a customer's shopping journey. From the initial click to the ultimate purchase, our AI guarantees accurate attribution, enabling precise targeting and constructing an ever-evolving, optimized campaign for unparalleled achievement.

Unveiling the Momentum of Swift Progress and Nurturing Sustainable Success: Embark on the Dynamic Advertising Journey with SmartAIIR

At SmartAIIR , we take immense pride in our capacity to generate rapid and impactful key performance indicators (KPIs) that make a lasting impact on our clients' digital marketing ventures. Starting from the inception of a campaign, our clients and users experience an upsurge in online traffic, acquire new users, and achieve significant conversions within a matter of days. During the initial 30-day period, our campaigns bring about transformative enhancements in vital metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS), return on investment (ROI), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-conversion (CPC). However, we acknowledge that genuine and enduring success requires time, especially considering the unique complexities of different industries and sales funnels.

To unlock the full potential of our advertising efforts and attain measurable outcomes, we recommend that our clients commit to their campaigns for an extended period, ideally spanning three months or more. By adopting this steadfast approach, our clients pave the way for exponential brand growth, ultimately cultivating a thriving ecosystem of their own. It's important to note that other factors like website structure, optimization of sales funnels, and the integration of complementary marketing strategies can significantly influence overall achievement. With SmartAIIR as your reliable partner, you can rest assured of our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results and nurturing lasting prosperity for your business.

Ensuring Client Privacy through Diligent Safeguarding: Upholding Confidentiality at SmartAIIR

At SmartAIIR, the utmost importance is placed on preserving the privacy of our valued clients. While mandatory non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are not typically enforced for most accounts and campaigns, we are fully prepared to accommodate any specific needs or requests you may have. Rest assured that we have an accessible NDA ready for your use or can readily endorse an existing one, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality is a source of great pride. You can be confident that no unauthorized individuals or outsiders will gain knowledge of your engagement with the SmartAIIR platform, unless explicitly authorized by you. Your business identity remains securely guarded, inaccessible to prying eyes, allowing you to operate with unshakable confidence as you work towards achieving your objectives.

At SmartAIIR, your privacy stands as our utmost priority, and our dedication to safeguarding client confidentiality knows no bounds. Place your full trust in us to protect your sensitive information and uphold your interests at every step of our collaboration.

At smartAiIR, we thrive on partnering with companies across various sectors, whether they are brands, B2B entities, or eCommerce enterprises, all of whom offer compelling products, services, or messages. Our expertise lies in identifying, locating, and efficiently engaging specific target audiences or demographics. We excel in placing your brand or message directly in front of potential customers who demonstrate high conversion potential.

Our advertising capabilities are elevated when integrated into comprehensive and diverse marketing campaigns. For maximum impact, we highly recommend complementing any advertising efforts, particularly with programmatic advertising, by running a Search/PPC campaign. This strategic approach ensures that your audience experiences unparalleled brand recognition. Even if they don't immediately click on your banner or video ad, they are likely to search for you when the moment is right. It's essential to be there to capture their attention at that critical juncture.

Native advertisements mirror the appearance of nearby content, smoothly blending into their environment. Positioned within reputable editorial contexts, these precisely targeted native ads have the potential to generate significant results.


OTT (Over The Top): OTT refers to the distribution of content from a video provider to a connected device via the internet, bypassing traditional cable and telecom networks. It grants access to streaming TV and film content on screens other than traditional TV, serving ads 'Over The Top' of content being consumed.

CTV (Connected TV): CTV encompasses devices allowing video content to be viewed on internet-connected TV sets. This includes smart TVs, streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV, gaming consoles (e.g., PS4, Xbox One), and more.

Optimize OTT+CTV offers a precise and measurable approach compared to traditional TV. Utilizing SmartAiIR behavioral data partnerships, advertisers can effectively reach their target audience and evaluate campaign performance using our proprietary Attribution Tracking technology. This technology monitors users who convert on a client’s website after interacting with an OTT+CTV ad.

In many instances, we advise starting with display advertising. It allows you to get the most impressions for your budget while maintaining precise targeting. Building a strong base of reach and frequency is crucial for a successful campaign. Display advertising can achieve a high number of impressions per dollar, ensuring your message reaches a broad audience regularly. Once your display campaign is established, we can explore incorporating video and other platforms, especially as multi-screen advertising enhances media interaction. However, the primary goal initially is to ensure your brand message consistently and frequently reaches the right audience.

Re-engagement involves displaying ads to users who have previously encountered a campaign on any given channel.

For instance:
1. If a user views a display ad but doesn't click or visit the website, we can re-engage them with a video ad.
2. If a user watches a CTV/OTT ad at home without the option to click for more information, we can follow up with a clickable display ad. This one-two punch approach is both cost-effective and highly impactful. Re-engagement ads primarily aim to present users who have seen a non-clickable ad with a clickable one to encourage website visits. Therefore, it's particularly effective for OTT/CTV and audio advertising. (While some audio placements are clickable, users often listen while at the gym or driving and may not be actively looking at their phones to click).
3. Another valuable use of re-engagement is for delivering a different message. For example, if Earnhardt Toyota serves a display ad offering $2,000 off a 2020 Tundra, and the user doesn't click, they can subsequently display a 're-engagement' display ad with a different, potentially stronger offer, like $4,000 off a 2020 Tundra with 0% financing.