Equity Holder Profiling


Amplifying Insights into Public Companies and Strengthening Investor Engagement


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Understanding your Existing Investor Base: A Crucial Component of Effective Public Company Operations. Our comprehensive services include in-depth analysis of your shareholder composition, allowing us to identify avenues for engaging with new investors, tracking significant milestones, and refining programs as needed.

  • Identify Significant Changes in Shareholder Ownership, Whether Upwards or Downwards.

  • Evaluate the Composition of Your Shareholder Ownership Mix.

  • Strategically Target New Potential Investors.

  • Perform a Comparative Analysis of Your Shareholder Base Against Selected Peers.

Why choose SmartAIIR?

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  • Pay for Active Engagement: You only pay when your audience actively participates, optimizing your budget’s effectiveness.
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  • Efficiency that Matters: Enjoy an impressive CPM of $2-$3, surpassing industry norms of $5-$15 CPM.


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